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What America Needs Is A Bold Plan To Improve Social Security   
(Saturday - November 09, 2019) Associated Profiles : Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds – State Treasurer’s Office
Source: The National Memo - The Social Security 2100 Act proposed by Connecticut Representative John Larson is getting closer to being passed ... we should be able to ensure that anyone who has put in a full lifetime of work will not be in poverty in their ...
Former California pension leader says CalPERS broke election law, wants result overturned   
(Saturday - November 09, 2019) Associated Profiles : California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
Source: Sacramento Bee - J.J. Jelincic, a candidate who lost an election for the CalPERS Board of Administration in October, is formally protesting the election’s result, claiming the $380 billion pension fund improperly used government resources...
Brunst: My rebuttal to the accusations of forgery   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : Utah Retirement Systems (URS)
Source: Daily Herald - The IRS, Utah Retirement Systems and many retirement service firms allow for such corrected and amended forms to be sent to them. I never requested to send in forms that were backdated. The Utah County Attorney’s office...
Ohio Retirement System Eyes Reduced Benefits for New Workers   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
Source: - The $94.1 billion Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) has approved a proposal for a new tier of benefits for future employees that wouldn’t offer benefits as generous as those now provided to current and retired...
Abortion bills clear Ohio Senate: Capitol Letter   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
Source: - 2. Ryan reported owning stock in Newark Leader Printing Co., his family’s business, and in Park National Bank. He also reported investments in a mutual fund and an Ohio Public Employees Retirement System fund and partial...
New York Pension Fund May Lower Holdings in Stocks   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : New York State Common Retirement Fund
Source: - The New York State Common Retirement Fund signaled that it may change its investment strategy from equities to bonds. Anastasia Titarchuk, chief investment officer of the $216 billion fund, made the announcement on Monday at the...
CalSTRS’ revised asset allocation plan cuts equities   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : California State Teachers’ Retirement System
Source: Pensions&Investments - CalSTRS on Wednesday adopted a new long-term asset allocation that boosts inflation-sensitive assets, private equity, real estate and risk-mitigating strategies but cuts equities. The $242.1 billion West Sacramento-based...
New health care perk for 102,000 California state workers, explained   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
Source: Sacramento Bee - The stipend is loosely based on the amount workers represented by the union pay toward their health insurance each month. Eligible employees who already have CalPERS health insurance will receive the money automatically. Those...
When to Hire Outside Lawyers to Conduct an Internal Investigation   
(Friday - November 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : New York City Comptroller’s Office: Bureau of Asset Management
Source: Law - Page, a recent case filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery in April (case number 2019-0280). This derivative lawsuit, filed by four New York City pension funds (The New York City Employees’ Retirement System, The...
2nd Circ. Won't Revive Eaton Stockholders' Spinoff Fraud Suit   
(Thursday - November 07, 2019) Associated Profiles : South Carolina Retirement Systems
Source: Law360 - The proposed class of shareholders, led by the South Carolina Retirement Systems Group Trust, failed to show that the company intentionally misled them about the possibility of spinning off its auto parts business tax free after...
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