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New Google Attribute Helps Businesses Promote Sustainability   
April 08, 2022
Source: Searxh Engine Journal - In a survey conducted by Google, 82% of consumers reported sustainability as a top priority when making purchasing decisions. Reflecting this, it has seen “recycling” as one of its most popular searches, with an average...
Report: 50% of leaders say their data should contribute to ESG initiatives   
April 07, 2022
Source: Venture Beat - Not only is the workforce now deeply purpose-driven, but they largely demand a new approach to leadership: one that blends human traits, like empathy, with a data-driven mindset.
Now Available: 2022 Sustainable Sport Index Survey   
April 06, 2022
Source: Yahoo Finance - The second annual Sustainable Sport Index (SSI) survey is live and ready for professional, minor league, and collegiate sports teams and stadium operators to participate.
UK Consumers More Focused on Recommerce, Reducing Carbon Footprint and Sustainable Packaging than US Counterparts, According to New First Insight Sustainability Report   
April 05, 2022
Source: Yahoo Finance - A First Insight report reveals fundamental differences between UK and US consumers when it comes to their preferences on sustainable shopping. While recommerce is an important sustainable shopping format in both countries, major...
Lessons from nine urban areas using data to drive local sustainable development   
March 09, 2022
Source: Nature - Cities are central to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, yet many remain disengaged from the process. This paper examines nine city and subnational pilot projects conducted between 2015 and 2019, to assess the...
Natural refrigerants: The next level of sustainability?   
March 07, 2022
Source: Data Center Dynamics - As you know, today’s large and hyperscale data centers rely on billions of gallons of water to economically cool IT equipment. Water is a natural refrigerant that doesn’t have to be manufactured, is relatively low-cost, and has a...
Infosys report: Use of data for sustainability   
March 01, 2022
Source: Security Brief - At the close of 2021, one of the main messages to come out of COP26 is that we are running out of time if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. There is a clear understanding of the urgent need to take action, the...
What constitutes a ‘good’ company? GreenBiz readers weigh in   
March 01, 2022
Source: GreenBiz - At the end of the day, it’s still all about data, wrote Joel Obstfeld, a "distinguished engineer" who is "part of an internal innovation group within Cisco, working on sustainability and exploring IT solutions for green...
Together We Build: Incentives for sustainability   
February 24, 2022
Source: Estes Park Trail Gazette - Let’s take a moment to look at financial incentives for transitioning to Electric Vehicles (EVs). The folks at Generation 180 have once again made this extremely easy to navigate.
Podcast: Sustainability Pays Off   
February 23, 2022
Source: Data Center Knowledge - Discussing renewable energy and data centers located in far-away places with a team from Verne Global and Triple Point.
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