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Hedera’s HBAR Foundation Launches $100M Sustainable Impact Fund   
March 11, 2022
Source: Coin Desk - The Sustainable Impact Fund aims to invest in Hedera-based solutions that involve carbon emissions, offsets and removals, as well as other nature-based projects, the foundation said in a release.
ESG investors accused of ‘failing’ over Russia   
March 11, 2022
Source: FT - Sasja Beslik, a sustainable finance expert, said the war showed that ESG investors “have failed” by not managing risks associated with Russian investments before the latest invasion.
Bonsucro Launches New Impact Fund to Accelerate Sustainability in the Sugarcane Sector   
March 10, 2022
Source: 3BL/CSR Wire - Bonsucro, the leading global sustainability platform for sugarcane, has launched a new Impact Fund to address critical sustainability challenges in the sugarcane sector. The fund will support collaborative, innovative projects...
Sustainable Funds Have Lower Russia Exposure   
March 09, 2022
Source: Morningstar - Sustainable funds have relatively low exposure to Russia but not because of opposition to the Putin regime. Russian companies tend to have high levels of environmental, social, and governance risk and fossil fuel involvement,...
Sustainability revolution sweeps the world of private equity   
March 08, 2022
Source: Mint - The private equity ecosystem is reinventing itself to positively impact the world, and investors are no more the ruthless business people, ravaging deal makers and cost-cutters, who prioritized profits over everything else,...
BBVA closes with PreZero Group a term loan to finance its sustainable business   
March 01, 2022
Source: BBVA - BBVA has supported PreZero Group in the structuring and arrangement of a term loan to finance its sustainable business activities. The company approached BBVA due to its global vision and strategy towards sustainability.
Michigan banks on sustainable farming plans worth $8.6 million   
February 25, 2022
Source: - More than 20 farming projects across Michigan just got financial fertilizer to improve sustainability efforts or equipment modernization, said state agricultural officials.
Corporate sustainability push a $35 trillion dollar conundrum for auditors   
February 23, 2022
Source: Reuters - Reliable checks on companies' sustainability credentials will take years to develop, auditors say, meaning investors pouring trillions of dollars into green funds remain at greater risk of being hoodwinked.
2026 Winter Olympics in Italy will focus on environmental, economic sustainability   
February 22, 2022
Source: USA Today - Die-hard fans of the James Bond movie franchise may experience déjà vu when watching the next Winter Olympics, scheduled to take place in the Italian cities of Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo in 2026.
Investors back ESG stock funds even as tech slide hurts returns   
February 15, 2022
Source: Business Recorder - Investors continued to flock to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) stock funds in January despite a slide in Big Tech hitting the funds’ performance, and as the market braces for more growth wobbles in the year...
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