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As You Sow offers sustainability scorecard for corporate 401(k) participants   
July 28, 2021
Source: Pensions & Investments - Participants in corporate 401(k) plans will be able to compare how their company's sustainability goals play out in plan investments with the Corporate 401(k) Sustainability Scorecard released Tuesday by shareholder advocacy...
Living Sustainably: Become a 'sustainable' investor   
July 27, 2021
Source: Holland Sentinel - Sustainable investors invest in companies that take what they consider a positive stance on these issues and avoid businesses that fall on what they perceive as the negative side.
Climate Friendly Banks: The Key To A Sustainable Energy Transformation?   
July 26, 2021
Source: Oil - Amid an increased focus on environmental sustainability, the idea of fossil fuel “bad banks” is gaining traction globally. The concept refers to special companies specifically dedicated to acquiring and winding down fossil fuel...
Roadmap for navigating Brazilian deforestation through sustainable bonds    
July 23, 2021
Source: Environment Analyst - A report published by Planet Tracker and the Grantham Research Institute proposed that Brazil faces a very difficult, environmentally unsustainable path towards net-zero carbon emissions, by depleting its natural capital base...
ESG investing gains momentum globally, US leads with highest share of SRI assets   
July 22, 2021
Source: Mint - US had the highest share of 48.4% of global SRI assets at the start of 2020, up from 39.1% in 2018. On the other hand, Europe’s share dropped to 34.0% in 2020 from 45.9% in 2018.
July 22, 2021
Source: The Intercept - A BIPARTISAN MEASURE to boost carbon credit markets is a “prime contender” to be in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., told The Intercept. But its inclusion in the...
Sustainable investments now total $35.3 trillion, roughly a third of all global assets under management, report shows   
July 21, 2021
Source: Business Insider India - Sustainable investments totalled $35.3 trillion, which is equivalent to around a third of assets under management in major economies, at the start of 2020, according to a report published by the Global Sustainable Investment...
Generate Capital raises $2 billion for sustainable infrastructure investments   
July 20, 2021
Source: CNBC - Green infrastructure investment firm Generate Capital said Monday that it has raised $2 billion in fresh funding amid a boom in clean-energy projects and interest from Wall Street in emissions-reducing investments.
World Bank Prices CAD 600 Million Sustainable Development Bond   
July 19, 2021
Source: India Education Diary - The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD, Aaa/AAA) today priced a 5-year CAD 600 million Sustainable Development Bond that matures on July 22, 2026. World Bank bonds support the financing of a...
15 Environmentally Sustainable Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Right Now   
July 14, 2021
Source: Go Banking Rates - Cryptocurrency might be best known for its potential financial risk, but it’s increasingly under fire for another less-than-desirable issue. In recent months, concern has swirled around the negative impact that crypto is having...
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