Biden-Harris Climate Actions

Powell Says Fed Likely to Require Banks to Test for Climate Risk   
July 15, 2021
Source: Bloomberg Green - The Federal Reserve will probably end up requiring banks to conduct tests to judge their vulnerability to the effects of climate change, Chairman Jerome Powell suggested on Thursday.
Biden’s clean energy plan would cut emissions and save 317,000 lives   
July 12, 2021
Source: The Guardian - A new report has found that a policy standard would be most effective to reach the goal of 80% renewable energy use by 2030
Yellen: US regulators to assess risk posed by climate change   
July 11, 2021
Source: Associated Press - U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she will lead an effort by top U.S. regulators to assess the potential risk that climate change poses to America’s financial system, part of a wide-ranging initiative launched by the...
A Crucial Test Is Coming for Biden’s Climate Agenda   
July 08, 2021
Source: The New York Times - We spoke with Coral Davenport, a climate reporter for The Times, about the steps the president has taken and the obstacles he faces.
Biden’s new Cold War with China will result in climate collapse, progressives warn   
July 07, 2021
Source: Politico - A political fight is brewing among wings of the Democratic Party over Beijing’s help in curbing climate change versus curbing its human rights abuses.
Climate-Related Financial Risk: (Net) Zeroing in on Key Private Equity Considerations under the Biden Administration’s Executive Order   
July 02, 2021
Source: National Law Review - President Biden signed an Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risk, which outlines various initiatives to promote policies related to physical and transition risks associated with climate change and to prioritize federal...
President Biden’s Climate Change Political Strategy   
June 29, 2021
Source: State of the Planet - Columbia University - While Democrats have control of the federal government, their control is fragile, and some political analysts are skeptical about their ability to enact the transformative change in climate, social and economic opportunity...
On climate change: We don't need a new report to know it's time to act   
June 29, 2021
Source: The Hill - The record-breaking heat and intensifying drought engulfing the western U.S. right now are a stark reminder of how climate change is loading the weather dice against us. It’s making heatwaves hotter and longer, and droughts...
Climate, ESG, and the Board of Directors: “You Cannot Direct the Wind, But You Can Adjust Your Sails”   
June 28, 2021
Source: US SEC - Keynote Address at the 2021 Society for Corporate Governance National Conference
Bipartisan infrastructure package must be strengthened to accelerate urgent climate action   
June 24, 2021
Source: Ceres - Ceres urges lawmakers to strengthen the bipartisan infrastructure package announced today to include additional measures that will help tackle the climate crisis as the plan advances through Congress.
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