Biden-Harris Climate Actions

Federal Sustainability Plan ‘rebuilding’ momentum on green government goals   
July 06, 2022
Source: Federal News Network - The Biden administration expects upcoming sustainability standards for federal buildings will put agencies on a realistic path to meeting some of President Joe Biden’s green government goals.
Exclusive: Biden to waive tariffs for 24 months on solar panels hit by probe   
June 07, 2022
Source: Reuters - President Joe Biden will declare a 24-month tariff exemption on Monday for solar panels from four Southeast Asian nations after an investigation froze imports and stalled projects in the United States, sources familiar with the...
Biden renews push for sustainable aviation fuel tax credit   
April 15, 2022
Source: Reuters - Biden last year called for tax incentives for low carbon jet fuel, made from waste and vegetable oils as part of a broader climate and social spending package that is stalled in Congress. The White House is targeting 20% lower...
SEC's climate rules would help investors sort 'truths from half-truths,' proponents say   
March 23, 2022
Source: Yahoo Finance - On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission released a proposal for what could become the first ever mandate of what U.S. companies need to tell investors about their carbon footprint.
The SEC wants companies to disclose how much they pollute   
March 22, 2022
Source: CNN Business - The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed a climate disclosure rule Monday, a move that would boost the Biden administration's goal to combat climate change.
Batteries get hyped, but pumped hydro provides the vast majority of long-term energy storage essential for renewable power   
January 21, 2022
Source: The Conversation - To cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half within a decade, the Biden administration’s goal, the U.S. is going to need a lot more solar and wind power generation, and lots of cheap energy storage.
How green policies are fuelling the energy crisis   
January 11, 2022
Source: Spiked on Line - Energy prices have shot up across the globe over the past few months. Given that prices were very low a year ago in the midst of a global pandemic, a bounceback was inevitable as the world economy went into catch-up mode....
Energy & Sustainability Washington Updates - January 2022   
January 03, 2022
Source: National Law Review - With enactment of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Biden Administration is now working to quickly roll out what is the most significant long-term investment in the nation’s infrastructure. The BIL...
Federal Purchasing Power, the Green Economy and Sustainability Management   
December 14, 2021
Source: State of the Planet, Columbia Climate School - As President Biden waits for our dysfunctional Congress to act on his Build Back Better program, last week, he took major executive action to move the power of federal procurement behind the green economy.
Energy & Sustainability Washington Updates - December 2021   
December 01, 2021
Source: National Law Review - President Biden has signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the bipartisan infrastructure bill approved by the Senate in August and the House of Representatives in November. With a price tag of $1.2...
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