Water Issues
Celebrate 2018 with 12 Cartoons on Water and Sanitation   
(Friday - August 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : World Bank “Water”
Source: World Bank - As 2018 makes its big entrance, we are also delighted to welcome the World Bank's Water Cartoon Calendar, hot off the press! Each year, the calendar shines a light on the most pressing water issues faced by communities around the...
Investing in clean water is a great way for governments to get 'bang for buck,' says CEO   
(Friday - August 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Water.org
Source: CNBC - Government investment into clean water has spillover effects into other areas of the economy, according to the chief executive of non-profit organization charity: water. Local healthcare, incomes, and education will benefit, he...
Responsible Investing: Bringing non-financial capital to the table   
(Friday - August 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Carbon Disclosure Project
Source: The Edge on MSN.com - “I need to upgrade my skillset. As a ‘Panvestor’, I should know how to analyse CDP [carbon disclosure project] disclosures, GRI [Global Reporting Initiative] compliance and information flow from companies...
Western Growers Assurance Trust   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Western Growers Association
Source: PayScale - Western Growers Assurance Trust pays its employees an average of $22.62 an hour. Hourly pay at Western Growers Assurance Trust ranges from an average of $18.00 to $28.42 an hour. Western Growers Assurance Trust employees with the...
John Delaney on nuclear weapons   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Union of Concerned Scientists
Source: Wisconsin Gazette - The Union of Concerned Scientists aims to increase public discussion about the use of nuclear weapons; we are posting these videos to highlight such discussion by candidates for president. As a 501c3 nonpartisan organization, UCS...
Water Environment Federation Launches New Online Portal   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Water Environment Federation
Source: Concrete Construction - The Water Environment Federation (WEF) Marketplace is a separate portal that links to WEF’s established e-commerce site. signed to be customer-friendly and efficient, the new marketplace provides access to WEF books and...
Advancing the utility of the future with connected data   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Source: Utility Dive - Indeed, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) estimates that the global market for storage will double six times by 2030. For instance, Texas—the largest consumer of coal in the United States, according to the Energy...
Water Environment Federation Announces New Executive Director   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Water Environment Federation
Source: Water Online - The Water Environment Federation (WEF), a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with 36,000 members representing water quality professionals around the world, formally announced recently that Dr. Eileen...
10-year-old boy saves cat thrown into water inside taped up box and bag   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Water.org
Source: WTNH - BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Quick thinking by a 10-year-old boy in Bridgeport who have saved a cat’s life on Wednesday. According to police, the boy saw a man throw a box off a bridge and into the water. The boy heard...
Getting the basic rights – the role of water, sanitation and hygiene in maternal and reproductive health: a conceptual framework   
(Thursday - August 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : UN-Water
Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov - To explore linkages between water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and maternal and perinatal health via a conceptual approach and a scoping review. We developed a conceptual framework iteratively, amalgamating three...
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