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Cushman Foundation Awards $1.2 Million to 19 Nonprofits ‘Making a Difference’   
(Friday - July 19, 2019) Associated Profiles : ICCR
Source: Times of San Diego - It is the philosophy of the Cushman Foundation to have a sense of social responsibility and to honor the communities in which they have conducted business. The Making a Difference for San Diego ...
Global shipping industry 'most exposed' to low carbon energy shift   
(Thursday - July 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : Investor Group on Climate Change - Australia / New Zealand
Source: Webindia 123 - IIGCC is the European investor group on climate change, representing over 170 members with over 19 trillion pounds in assets collectively under management. Key findings from the report suggest ...
Climate change: is your equities portfolio too hot to touch'   
(Wednesday - July 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)
Source: The Financial Times - The project by the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change to develop a common understanding of the necessary concepts, approaches and methods is a step in the right direction. The climate emergency poses an existential...
AGL pressed to speed up coal power plant closures   
(Wednesday - July 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Investor Group on Climate Change - Australia / New Zealand
Source: The Australian - The Investor Group on Climate Change - which represents institutional investors with $2 trillion of funds under management - called on Australian and New Zealand governments to align the pathway to cut emissions with economic...
The Increased Politicization Of Proxy Votes   
(Wednesday - July 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : ICCR
Source: Forbes - The Sisters far from the only entity using nominal stock ownership and proxy votes to pursue a political agenda: There is an entire organization called the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility that exists solely to help...
US Congress rejects European-style ESG reporting standards   
(Friday - July 12, 2019) Associated Profiles : CII
Source: The Financial Times - “Clearer and more comparable information about key ESG risks would benefit investors and the US capital markets,” the Council of Institutional Investors, which represents big public and corporate pension funds, said...
Zero Carbon: Time for industry to pull its finger out   
(Thursday - July 11, 2019) Associated Profiles : Investor Group on Climate Change - Australia / New Zealand
Source: Newsroom on - And they are well-placed to do so. For example, the Australasian Investor Group on Climate Change represents AU$2 trillion of assets owned by institutional shareholders, including the NZ Super Fund. But more importantly our...
THE LEX COLUMN: Dual class shares prove their mettle   
(Wednesday - July 10, 2019) Associated Profiles : CII
Source: - The S&P and Dow Jones indices can ban companies with dual-class shares from joining the benchmark indices. The Council of Institutional Investors can call them egregious. But public companies that concentrate voting power are...
SunTrust Joins Wave of Banks Exiting the Private Prison Industry   
(Tuesday - July 09, 2019) Associated Profiles : ICCR
Source: Forbes - The Families Belong Together Coalition including over 60 civil society organizations like Mom’s Rising, Make the Road NY, Hand in Hand, CREDO, Real Money Moves, the Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility, ...
Valero, Tesoro and Occidental Face Shareholder Pressure for California Proposition 23 Support   
(Monday - July 08, 2019) Associated Profiles : Investor Network on Climate Risk
Source: CSR Wire - Ceres also directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk, a network of 90 investors with collective assets totaling about $9 trillion. Walden Asset Management is an investment firm based in Boston, integrates...
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