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Investors trying to leave their carbon footprint   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Jantzi Research Inc.
Source: Toronto Star - "The interest in green investing has never been higher," said Michael Jantzi, founder and president of Toronto-based Jantzi Research, an investment research firm that specializes in assessing companies' ethical practices. "And...
PIRC advises investors to oppose split of Danske Bank   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Pensions Investment Research Consultants Ltd. (PIRC)
Source: Reuters - (Reuters) - Leading proxy voting adviser Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (PIRC) recommended on Tuesday that investors in scandal-hit Danske Bank oppose a resolution planning a break-up of the lender at its annual...
Mobilising impact finance   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : onValues
Source: World Finance - Impact investing is attracting all types of investors: 19 European pension funds have disclosed microfinance investments of $555m (OnValues 2009), and Toniic, the US impact investment club, will launch its European chapter in...
The importance of being transparent   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : AQ Research
Source: The TRADE - While end-clients do not yet require detailed explanation of commission spends, AQ Research, a firm that analyses sell-side research quality on behalf of the buy-side, argues that that research costs are too large to be ignored,...
Eiris CEO picked for PRI role   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Eiris
Source: Europe - Peter Webster, CEO of Eiris, which offers environmental, social and governance research to investors, has been appointed to one of two non-asset owner positions open for election to the PRI Advisory Council. Webster emphasised an...
Betfair shareholders urged to back merger with Paddy Power   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Pensions Investment Research Consultants Ltd. (PIRC)
Source: The Irish Times - Paddy Power shareholders will also vote on the proposed deal at an extraordinary general meeting in the company’s Dublin HQ on Monday. Pensions & Investment Research Consultants is an influential organisation that...
Global Investment Research, GS Sustain, ESG Research, Vice President - Hong Kong   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : Goldman Sachs - Sustain
Source: - From macroeconomic forecasts to individual stock analysis, our team develops tools and insights to help shape investment strategies for clients and the firm. Our analysts work on client-focused research in the equity,...
Citi Launches Socially Responsible Cash Collateral   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : EU Social Investment Forum
Source: Environmental Leader - Citi says that according to the European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif), as of 31 December 2010, over $11 trillion of assets were managed globally under SRI strategies. But without an SRI capability for the investment of...
Ethical Investing Has Never Been Cheaper   
(Saturday - March 16, 2019) Associated Profiles : KLD
Source: Bloomberg L.P. - Gone are the days when asset managers could justify higher costs by pointing to the larger research demands of socially responsible ... the new low-cost ETFs in the past. The iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF, the largest ESG ETF...
Boeing Promised Pilots a 737 Software Fix Last Year, but They’re Still Waiting   
(Friday - March 15, 2019) Associated Profiles : Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Source: - Weeks after a deadly crash involving a Boeing plane last October, company officials met separately with the pilot unions at Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. The officials said they planned to update the software for...
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