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Dow Joins United States Climate Action Partnership   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : United States Climate Action Partnership
Source: CSR Wire - Apr. 17 /CSRwire/ - MIDLAND, MI – April 17, 2007 - The Dow Chemical Company announced today that the company has joined the United States Climate Action Partnership. Launched in January 2007, the USCAP is an alliance of...
Maldives takes step to "carbon neutrality" by 2020   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : BeCitizen
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - The amount was identical to the estimated amount by flights carrying 650,000 tourists to the islands every year, according to auditor BeCitizen, funded by La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild (CBR) and the Rothschild family. For...
Diamond the last of London’s Gekko generation   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : Manifest Information Services
Source: Gulf News - Long known as one of London’s best-paid bankers — earning at least £120 million in pay and bonuses since becoming a Barclays board member in 2005, according to Manifest Information Services Ltd. Diamond also...
Mental health needs a workplace-wide cure   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : World Economic Forum
Source: Gulf News on - Increasingly, we’re working in a world where we’re paid to think and create beyond the reaches of a computer; to build relationships and empathize with wide-ranging views. How then must we address the issue of poor...
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® (LEI) for the U.K. Declined   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : The Conference Board
Source: PR Newswire - NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Conference Board Leading Economic Index ® (LEI) for the U.K. decreased 0.4 percent in September 2019 to 90.9 (2016=100). The Conference Board Coincident Economic Index ® (CEI)...
What Do We Want from Our Oceans'   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Source: Inter Press Service - Appropriate recognition of what the ocean can do for us should help us focus our time, money and ideas with the clarity that the challenge demands. The author is Director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources...
In A Warmer, More Acidic Ocean, Algae Is One Organism That Will Be Able To Adapt And Survive   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : International Programme on the State of the Ocean
Source: ThinkProgress - Last year, researchers from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean found that the world’s oceans are currently more acidic than they have been at any time in the last 300 million years, and that this...
CorpWatch: A New Compliance and Anti-fraud Tool for NJ Businesses   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : Corporate Watch
Source: Business Wire - TRENTON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, has launched CorpWatch, a new service that allows ... It also serves as an anti-fraud tool by alerting...
SRI Pioneer First Affirmative Financial Network Sets New Thresholds for Gun-Related Securities in Its Managed Accounts Program   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : First Affirmative Financial Network
Source: PR Newswire - About First Affirmative Financial Network First Affirmative, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FOLIOfn, Inc., provides investment advice consistent with the philosophies of sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing. It...
Index giant Vanguard may have just done about-face on big investing position: Report   
(Thursday - December 05, 2019) Associated Profiles : Sustainable Investments Institute
Source: Yahoo Finance - Before the Exxon Mobil vote was in, Heidi Welsh — who tracks the shareholder voting of institutions for Sustainable Investments Institute — cited the fact that as of June 2016, Vanguard itself reported that it voted...
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