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Carbon War Room on mission to unlock buildings efficiency investment   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : Carbon War Room
Source: Environmental finance - Capital markets need to be mobilised to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, according to Carbon War Room, an NGO that aims to help entrepreneurs deliver large-scale, market-based solutions to global warming. To access...
Luminant seeks bids for clean-coal units in Texas   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : United States Climate Action Partnership
Source: Reuters - Luminant recently terminated applications for permits to build eight conventional coal-fired units in the state, another merger-related promise, and has applied for membership in the United States Climate Action Partnership...
Easy Times are Over, Says ICIS, as Carbon Prices Enter Bullish Corridor   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : European Union Allowance (EUA)
Source: PR Newswire - The system covers around 2bn tonnes of carbon emissions (around 45% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions in 2013) and the average price for a European Union Allowance (EUA) was €4.50 in 2013. About ICIS ICIS Tschach...
XShares Advisors Reports 2007 Highlights   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : X|Shares Advisors
Source: Business Wire - NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--XShares Advisors, LLC, an investment advisory firm focused on developing precisely focused, innovative exchange-traded funds (ETFs), today reported highlights for 2007. During its first year of issuing...
California, Oregon, Massachusetts named clean energy leaders in U.S.   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : Clean Edge
Source: Autoblog - To learn more go to: About Clean Edge: Clean Edge, the world's first research and advisory firm devoted to the clean-tech sector, delivers comprehensive clean-tech insights to corporations, ...
Corporate pawns of Obama Big Government: the Browns   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : United States Climate Action Partnership
Source: - And it paid off. A new report from the National Center for Public Policy Research tells the sad tale: "It's alarming that many of the remaining corporate members of the United States Climate Action Partnership – a...
Sofidel improves performance in 2018 Carbon Disclosure Report   
(Monday - March 18, 2019) Associated Profiles : Carbon Disclosure Project
Source: European Cleaning - and among the top businesses in the Forests Timber category, above the sector average at global (B-) and European (B-) level. CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project,is an international not-for-profit organisation present in...
Here's a running list of all the ways climate change has altered Earth in 2019   
(Monday - March 18, 2019)
Source: Mashable - Earth is now the warmest it's been in some 120,000 years. Eighteen of the last 19 years have been the warmest on record. And concentrations of carbon dioxide — a potent greenhouse gas — are likely the highest they've been in 15...
UOG kicks off membership in sustainability consortium   
(Sunday - March 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
Source: Saipan Tribune - More than 20 faculty and administrators learned of a new source of funding and new opportunities for international collaborations on Dec. 12 at a meeting marking the start of the University of Guam’s membership in the...
Ameren pushes back against claims nuclear power plants may close   
(Sunday - March 17, 2019) Associated Profiles : Union of Concerned Scientists
Source: Columbia Daily Tribune - A November report by the Union of Concerned Scientists speculated Callaway and other unprofitable or marginally profitable nuclear plants could close early as cheaper natural gas and renewable options become available to...
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