Intel Corporation Named To TAA's Most Trustworthy Companies, and Receives Special Award: Hank Boerner Accountability Award
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Source:  G&A Institute, Inc.

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May 4, 2015 -- Intel Named to Trust Across America's "America's Most Trustworthy Public Companies" 2015 list -- and receives first time "Hank Boerner Accountability Award," named for the chairman of Governance & Accountability Institute.

Intel Corporation, based in California, is the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer (based on revenues). The company's shares are traded on the NASDAQ Exchange (INTL).  Intel develops advanced integrated technology, mostly focused on integrated circuits, for a wide range of industrial applications and communications.

The company's stated goal is to be the preeminent computing solutions company that powers the worldwide digital economy. Intel's "Internet of Things" Group delivers platforms designed for embedded market segments including retail, transportation, industrial, and building and homes, along with a broad range of other market segments. (Source:

TAA/TAW annually publishes the list of Most Trustworthy Public Companies.  Intel was selected for the Trust Across America /Trust Around the World organization's 2015 list of "America's Most Trustworthy Public Companies." 

Each year since 2010, the organization also has published the list of "Top Thought Leaders in Trust" (100 individuals are named each year.)  In January 2015 TAA/TAW created the "Lifetime Achievement Award" and selected the 15 individuals who had been on every list, 2010-2015 (out of the 500 total awards over the five years).

In 2015, TAA/TAW established 15 new "Special Awards named in honor of the 15 Lifetime Achievers” -- including the "Hank Boerner Accountability Award" intended to recognize outstanding companies that are "accountable" to society in various ways. 

The first such award was to Intel Corporation.  Details of the awards are published in the Spring 2015 issue of Trust! Magazine.  Link:

Commenting on the award to Intel, Hank Boerner said:  "Intel was an early adopter of tracking, measuring, disclosing on, and reporting corporate governance policies and practices, and its environmental management, and created a comprehensive issues management system to handle societal issues that mattered to stakeholders.  The long-term issues management approach and process helps to keep the company more accountable."  (See complete remarks in the magazine.)

Each year the TAA-TAW "America's Most Trustworthy Public Companies" award is given to companies with the highest five-year rankings on five equally-weighted quantitative indicators of trustworthiness that comprise the FACTS® Framework.  (These are financial, stability, conservative accounting, corporate integrity, transparency, and sustainability.)  The universe from which the winners are selected totals more than 2,000 public companies.


Trust Across America/Trust Around the World (TAA/TAW) helps organizations by collaborating with global leaders to provide the tools and resources needed to transition to "high trust."  Information:  Contact:  Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director at

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