Black Sea Danube Basin Partnership   
March 05, 2020
Source: World Bank - World Bank projects supported by the Investment Fund for Nutrient Reduction, financed by Global Environment Facility, help pilot measures to reduce nutrient loads entering the Black Sea and Danube Basin. Over the past 15 years,...
Africa must not be shortchanged on climate finance   
March 05, 2020
Source: African Business - To this end a financial mechanism entrusted to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) under the convention was established to provide funds to developing nations. GEF, which was set up by the World Bank on the eve of the Rio...
Aurochs come back to Belarus under rewilding project   
March 04, 2020
Source: ????????? - The Wetlands project is funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Belarusian Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry and the...
Emerging trends and top priorities in the world of inclusive business: a Q&A with the UNDP   
March 03, 2020
Source: The Guardian - Longstanding UNDP partners such as the Global Environment Facility and Green Climate Fund unlock catalytic capital and create an environment for the private sector to engage on climate change issues.
Campioning Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean region of Colombia   
February 28, 2020
Source: FAO - In order to address the issues in the region, a new approach was required. In 2016, Colombia’s Government and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) selected FAO to implement the BioCaribe Connectivity Strategy...
Zim takes steps to build climate impact resilience   
February 27, 2020
Source: The Herald-Zimbabwe - Together with its partners, the department has played a critical role in attracting climate finance of more than US$20 million from the Green Climate Fund, the Multilateral Fund and Global Environment Facility over the last four...
Commentary: Climate change and MENA financial systems   
February 26, 2020
Source: Hebdo Ahram - To that end, special global climate funds, such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Global Environment Facility (GEF), were established to efficiently channel public resources and to catalyse private capital towards...
Caloocan hosts barangay-run e-waste facility   
February 23, 2020
Source: MSN - run facility for discarded electronics or e-waste, will soon open in Caloocan City. The e-waste facility was inaugurated on Friday in Barangay 176 (Bagong Silang), the country’s largest village. “We are deeply honored...
Nothing to show for billions sunk in hyacinth war   
February 21, 2020
Source: Daily Nation - "The weed can be used to make baskets, furniture, fertiliser and so on.” In January 2019, the Global Environment Facility, based in the US, approved another Sh910 million for environmental projects in the Lake Victoria...
Laying the foundation for resilient drylands: the Dryland Sustainable Landscapes Impact Program   
February 20, 2020
Source: FAO - 29-30 January 2020. FAO hosted the first Dryland Sustainable Landscapes Agency Partner Meeting to discuss the design of the Global Platform for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded Dryland Sustainable Landscapes Impact...
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