“Talk Green to Me” Podcast: Interview With Myra Foster of Sealed Air

Originally published by the “Talk Green to Me” podcast

Over the years, plastic has become more complicated with many layered and blended materials becoming more popular, especially in the packaging world. And with these developments, plastic recycling has needed to evolve beyond mechanical shredding.

In this episode, we interview Myra Foster, Vice President of Sustainability Innovation & Strategy at Sealed Air. Sealed Air invented Bubble Wrap in the 1960s and has led the way in plastic packaging for food and product protection. Myra tells us how Sealed Air is working on advanced recycling techniques to recycle blended and complicated plastics. She also discusses various sustainability pledges and challenges that come up for companies working with plastic. We learn that eliminating plastic is not the solution in every situation and how companies like Sealed Air are working on advanced recycling to improve sustainability and circularity as a whole. Learn more about Sealed Air’s sustainability efforts in the company’s Global Impact Report.

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