The 5–9 Series: Mel Saettone

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This 5–9 series showcases our employees outside of their 9–5, and delves into how GoDaddy’s flexible, human-first approach allows us to focus on what makes us thrive; whether that be a hobby, a side-hustle, or the simplest of things to recharge our batteries.

In today’s series, meet Mel Saettone. Mel is based remotely in Texas and is an Executive Recruiter.

What does work-life balance mean for you?

Having work life balance means that I am able enjoy my job while also being able to live my life outside of work, without feeling that type of “work stress” that can run people down easily. It’s also about being able to have a flexible schedule to take care of the important things in my life and having the freedom to take time off when I need it without any “fear” of it affecting my job or performance.

How does GoDaddy help with this?

Firstly, GoDaddy really has an amazing culture! This is something that I am passionate about and I love sharing every day with candidates that I recruit. One thing that I absolutely love is that GoDaddy gives me unlimited FTO. I never have to stress at all about needing time off, whether it is for vacation, a special event, or a doctor’s appointment. GoDaddy is very focused on all their employees taking care of themselves and gives them the flexibility to take time off as needed. GoDaddy understands the importance of really living your best life and that happy people equates to better performing employees. They take care of their employees both in and outside of the workplace; they live the culture they preach! I think besides having such a terrific product as a company, this is something our customers see as well — we have happy people working for us! The team that I work with even seems like an extension of my own family. Everyone embraces your individuality and supports your growth and happiness in and outside of the workplace.

How do you wind down after work?

I love being active outdoors and working out. I live in Houston, Texas where the climate is warm for most of the year so being outdoors is easy! I am an avid sports fan and frequently attend both collegiate and professional football, basketball, and baseball games after work or on the weekends.

What’s one thing you do to recharge your batteries?

I love to run, especially outdoors. It recharges me both mentally and physically. I typically run along nature trails and have become very adept at identifying snakes that I see when running! My friends joke that I am the “snake whisperer”!

What does a perfect evening or ‘5–9’ look like for you?

A perfect evening for me is going for an early evening run and then meeting my boyfriend for dinner and either watching a sports game or attending one!

Who is Mel Saettone outside of being an Executive Recruiter? Hobbies, interests, side hustles you pursue outside of work.

I love traveling and exploring new places and I have been fortunate to have lived all over the country. I also prefer being outdoors as much as possible! In Texas, I love the Houston rodeo, going to friend’s ranches, discovering new restaurants and anything that has to do with being out on the water. I love sailing especially! I’m also passionate about art and love visiting many of the terrific galleries and museums in Houston!

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