How To Engage Remote Employees: Advancing Social Impact Today

As a corporate social responsibility leader, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with rapid change since 2020, especially if you’ve tackled the issue of how to engage your remote workforce. One thing has remained constant: the need to drive and scale employee engagement programs throughout your company’s footprint. You may have turned to technology or found models that empower employees to be leaders of social impact work while juggling daily responsibilities. But there are many things to consider when encouraging and scaling engagement.

Get Your Social Impact Questions Answered by a Points of Light Employee Engagement Expert 

Points of Light Vice President of Business Innovation Katy Elder knows employee engagement like the back of her hand. So, when we asked her to analyze the landscape of social impact within the workforce, she came to the table with one central question:

How effective are the people-powered support mechanisms that companies implemented before 2020 to reach their social impact and business goals today? 

Join our upcoming webinar: How Employee Champions Drive and Scale Social Impact Success, March 23, 2023, from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET to find answers to this question. Plus, you’ll learn:

Why people-centric models matter – especially in today’s hybrid and remote working environments.How to keep participating employees engaged and empowered.Pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned.

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BONUS! Download our new white paper to learn the answer and all the considerations that come with it. Plus, get eight best practices you can implement today with strategies including:

How to establish expectations and role clarity.Effective ways to support employee champions.How to foster a sense of community.

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