STEM + Financial Education = Success

Heard of Raspberry Pi?

Sounds delicious, but it’s actually computer technology that’s used to help young people learn coding skills. Birmingham-area students recently put the technology to work at a STEM camp at Regions Center and created their own music – thanks to a collaboration between Regions Bank and CGI.

The two businesses are quite different, but they have a shared mission: to enhance education and workforce development opportunities in our communities. In December 2022, they worked together to host a STEM camp – with a generous helping of financial education on the side. Associates from Regions and CGI, along with around 100 Jefferson County high school students, gathered for a fun, exciting day of learning and discovery.

“It had a good impact on me,” said Cameron Mitchell, a student a Center Point High School. “My favorite thing about it was making my own beats and sounds.”

The students are participants of GEAR UP Jefferson County, a local program that improves access, opportunities and outcomes for students from historically marginalized populations and underserved communities. One of GEAR UP’s program goals is to provide STEM education opportunities to their students. Providing access to science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, better prepares young people for careers in these areas and promotes inclusive prosperity – another of Regions’ community engagement priorities.

Pairing STEM camp with practical money basics helps to set these students up for success. “The more you can expose these kids to technology early on, it just gives them a broader perspective and the world is just an exciting place for them as they move forward in their careers,” said Leroy Abrahams, head of Community Affairs at Regions Bank.

Watch this short video to hear from the students about their experience and learn more about the inspiration for the event from Kurt Jachimowski, CGI Program Partner, and Sarah Moss, Regions Community Affairs Community Relations Officer.

See the photos above for a visual snapshot of the day’s activities.

STEM Education

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