Reducing COVID-19’s Impact in Long-Term Care Facilities

Project HOPE is an international global health and humanitarian relief organization with decades of experience responding to crises around the world. Teams from Project HOPE help people overcome disease and empower health workers with the training and tools they need to save lives. As COVID-19 evolved into a pandemic in early 2020, Project HOPE expanded its support services to a network of healthcare workers and frontline responders as they fought to contain the virus and reduce its impacts around the globe and in the US.

Q4HE is providing COVID-19 testing to support Project HOPE’s targeted pandemic response in long-term care and residential facilities, with a focus on those that are most vulnerable and possess the fewest resources. In addition, Q4HE is providing funding to support Project HOPE’s crisis response program, which includes staffing, travel, materials, and more. Together, Project HOPE and Q4HE are working to improve COVID-19 testing access for vulnerable populations, reduce transmission in long-term care facilities, and address—and overcome—key health inequities in marginalized communities.

“Project HOPE served as a bridge between our organization and the Illinois Department of Public Health, which put us at ease in moving forward through the pandemic, especially when an outbreak hit our facility. The Project offered us many resources to comply with what was needed during that time and in the aftermath, including support, encouragement, and instruction that we otherwise would not have had, and without which, in the end, we may not have been so successful in pulling through. Having resources and a go-to with any question or trouble we experienced, with typically immediate response, allowed us to take care of our residents during the height of the outbreak, providing them with the best care possible.”
– Natalie Pekala OP, NHA, Rosary Hill Home, Justice, IL

“Everyone has a right to health, and everyone has a right to care, and if we don’t provide it and equip those in need with the tools to respond to the next emergency, the gap will continue to widen. Quest for Health Equity’s support is critical, allowing us to address the needs of these populations. If it wasn’t for Quest for Health Equity, we wouldn’t be able to do it. There is no one doing what Quest is doing, and it is greatly appreciated that they’re thinking of a market that isn’t getting a lot of funding and attention. They’re establishing their own path with Project HOPE to address these overlooked elderly populations.”
– Theresa Rhodes Associate Vice President, Project HOPE

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