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    "Our good friend Hank Boerner at Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc., has launched INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) ,an essential data platform for investor-relations officers, boards of directors and treasury departments in this brave new world of accountability and sustainability.
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    Trends Converging!
    A 2016 Look Ahead of the Curve

    What’s Ahead in 2017 that Affects Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability & CSR Managers?  Sustainable/ESG Investment Professionals? The seeds of development are found in 2016 and earlier...
    A new book by Hank Boerner, Chairman of Governance & Accountability Institute. Trends Converging! is your guide to positive trends that make the case for continued progress.  Click here to download and read your complimentary copy of the book.

    Strategic Governance - Enabling Financial, Environmental, and Social Sustainability

    A book by Hank Boerner and Mark Sickles of Governance & Accountability Institute.  Click here for more information.

    Introduction to SustainabilityHQ™

    Introduction  to SustainabilityHQ™ -- this is Governance & Accountability Institute’s proprietary research and monitoring platform for following trends,  news, commentary, research and other critical information related to Sustainability and ESG factors (environmental & energy, social issues, corporate governance)  This platform is designed to the knowledge management headquarters for enterprise sustainability issues and topics. more SustainabilityHQ Introduction here.....

    ESG & Sustainability Highlights

    The evolution of ESG investing in Asia
    (Monday - November 18, 2019)
    Source: The Asset
    EU energy strategy calls for investments in clean, sustainable energy
    (Monday - November 18, 2019)
    Source: Famagusta Gazette
    BUSINESSAustralian National Airline Announces Ambitious Sustainability Plan
    (Monday - November 18, 2019)
    Source: The Rising

    USA Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

    Sims Metal Management Publishes 2019 Sustainability Report
    (Friday - November 08, 2019)
    Source: Waste 360
    DuPont Announces 2030 Sustainability Goals
    (Thursday - October 31, 2019)
    Source: PR NewsWire

    Sovereign Wealth Fund Highlights

    Here's why the retail sector keeps bleeding jobs
    (Monday - October 07, 2019)
    Source: Yahoo Finance
    Abu Dhabi sovereign fund buys 25% stake in 330 Madison Avenue
    (Thursday - June 13, 2019) Associated Profiles : Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
    Source: Reuters

    Sustainability Update Recent Post

    Sustainability Update11
    It’s “Official” Now: The United States of America Is Withdrawing From the Historic Paris Accord on Climate Change With Notice to the UN
    12. November 2019 Business & Society
    The big news of this week:  The USA is now “officially” withdrawing from the Paris Accord on Climate Change.  The one-year countdown to “USA out” is now underway. In 2015 as the representatives of almost all of the nations of … Continue reading
    Where Are U.S. Companies on Climate Change Risk Disclosure? New Survey Results from DFIN Are Available…
    04. November 2019 Climate Change
    Climate Change and Corporate Reporting – the two terms are increasingly coupled now as many more investors and stakeholders are requesting information from publicly-traded companies about their awareness of, and strategies & actions for addressing the many risks posed to the enterprise by climate change. Important sea … Continue reading
    Capitalism – Needing Reinventing? Is Corporate Sustainability / Responsibility / Citizenship’s Focus on ESG Part of the Mix of Reinvention?
    28. October 2019 Business & Society
    by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist – G&A Institute There are many voices raised now, joining in the public dialogues on corporate sustainability, corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, ethics, good governance…and more. The perspectives offered fit into the commentary stream … Continue reading

    Asset MGR Highlights

    Demand for sustainability assurance is growing
    (Wednesday - November 13, 2019)
    Source: Journal of Accountancy

    United States Public Pension Fund Highlights

    Activists in the Boardroom
    (Thursday - June 13, 2019) Associated Profiles : New York State Common Retirement Fund
    Source: City Journal
    New York Comptroller Plans to Expand Pension Plan’s ESG Funding
    (Thursday - June 13, 2019) Associated Profiles : New York State Common Retirement Fund
    Source: Fox Business Network
    Louisiana State Employees Retirement System taps Mellon
    (Thursday - June 13, 2019) Associated Profiles : Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (LASERS)
    Source: MarketWatch

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    G&A identifies key players, monitors their activities, conducts research, charts the players's influence on capital markets and companies, and provides news and intelligence through G&As "SustainabilityHQTM" advisory services. SustainabilityHQTM resources at the intersections of powerful capital markets players--and the public and private companies they invest in.