FILLING A NEED – On-Line Training for Managers Seeking CSR Certificate

On-Line Training for Managers Seeking CSR Certificate

At G&A Institute we regularly partner with colleges and universities to provide managers in all sectors(business, social, public sectors) with learning experiences to help advance their careers in key fields.  The areas in focus include corporate citizenship, corporate and institutional sustainability, corporate responsibility, disclosure and reporting, and more. 

Recently we announced the launch of our remote, Web-based learning platform “Sustainability Training HQ” -– designed to meet the needs of professionals seeking knowledge about these growing fields of endeavor. The first course offered on the platform is focused on Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies, with a certificate issued by G&A Institute upon completion of the 30-hour course. 

The “certification” courseware was developed in collaboration with Dr. Nitish Singh, Associate Professor of International Business at the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University (in St. Louis, Missouri) and founder of IntegTree, and with Brendan  Keating, VP of IntegTree.  The “CCRSS” course focuses on ESG expectations that are evolving more quickly now in the corporate sector, compelling companies to develop new capabilities to address the need for greater sustainability and social accountability.

The broad objective of the course and certification program is to equip the participant with cutting-edge sustainability skills that companies needs to thrive in a global sustainable economy.  The course will help participants explore how firms can leverage sustainability strategies to enhance their environmental and economic performance.

A complimentary introductory session is available on-line.  Interested in taking the full course?  Contact G&A Institute to learn more about the “pioneer” student offer available for a short time after the official launch.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies:

Take the free sample session here:

The G&A Institute e-learning platform is built on open-source software tools – primarily, the OpenedX, which was created by founding partners Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  We’ve customized the platform to include many user-friendly tools and resources to enhance the remote learning experience. 

Additional courseware is being developed by partnering organizations -– watch for announcements of course offerings. And, if you would like to discuss the possibility of developing courseware for offering on the platform, please contact G&A's EVP Louis D. Coppola at


Top Story

Why All Investors Should Care About Sustainability
(Wednesday - October 12, 2016)
Source: MorningStar - Time and time again investors are reminded about the significant impact that the controversies have on company's financial performance


Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability starts to gain traction with investors
(Monday - October 10, 2016)
Source: Financial Times - When the world’s largest polluters, China and the US, last month agreed to ratify the Paris climate change agreement, their decision prompted a flurry of activity among investors...

Success and sustainability: Planning helps Global Strategic Supply Solutions manage growth
(Monday - October 10, 2016)
Source: Crain's Detroit Business - Lisa Lunsford, co-founder and CEO of Global Strategic Supply Solutions LLC, said forming a strategic plan was necessary for the company to manage its growth.

Scoring palm oil buyers on their sustainability commitments
(Tuesday - October 11, 2016)
Source: Mongabay - • Out of the 137 companies, WWF found that only 78 had made commitments to use 100 certified sustainable palm oil by 2015, while 30 have not made any kind of public commitment whatsoever...

Reaching the sustainability summit: Golf is on the ascent
(Tuesday - October 11, 2016)
Source: GreenBiz - What can sports do for the environment? For the past few years, the industry has been upping its game for enhancing the bottom line through sustainability. This summer, the best and brightest sustainability thinkers and doers...

Why You Need A Sustainability Strategy
(Wednesday - October 12, 2016)
Source: Triple Pundit - Well-implemented sustainability strategies can improve financial performance. Sustainability initiatives often cut costs – think energy and transport efficiencies in your offices and operations...

Global Sustainability Projects offer hope for the future
(Wednesday - October 12, 2016)
Source: Science Daily - Global examples of sustainability projects, which offer a positive future for the environment, have been identified by an international group of researchers...

Coca-Cola HBC Sets Out New Sustainability Targets Supporting its Purpose to Inspire a Better Future
(Wednesday - October 12, 2016)
Source: Sustainable Brands - Coca-Cola HBC, ranked global beverage industry sustainability leader by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) announced new sustainability targets last month...

Higher Sustainability Ratings Can Mean Lower Risk
(Thursday - October 13, 2016) Associated Profiles : Jantzi-Sustainalytics, Sustainalytics
Source: Yahoo Finance - The Morningstar Sustainability Rating for funds uses company ESG ratings from Sustainalytics to assess how well the holdings in a portfolio are managing the ESG issues most relevant and material to their...

The State of Sustainable Business in 2016: Results from the BSR / GlobeScan Survey 
(Thursday - October 13, 2016)
Source: 3BLMedia - Leading companies across industries are now addressing critical issues, such as climate change and human rights, and integrating sustainability into core business strategy.

Manufacturing Sustainability Inside and Out
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: NAM - Since 2008, Kohler has worked to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste to landfill with a goal of reaching “Net Zero” (with offsets) by 2035. This has become a springboard for innovation throughout the company.
DuPont Issues 2016 Sustainability Report
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: 3BL Media - DuPont has released its 2016 Sustainability Report, highlighting progress against its 2020 Sustainability Goals and ongoing commitment to areas such as food security, environmental stewardship, and diversity and inclusion.

McDonald’s completes sustainable-beef pilot project
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: Cattle Network - Corporations want to tell their customers that their businesses, including their supply chains, are verifiably sustainable. McDonald’s, for example, announced in 2014 its commitment to begin sourcing at least some of its beef...

ESG Issues & Players

U.S. Adjusts Rules Limiting Corporate ‘Earnings Stripping’
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: Bloomberg - The U.S. Treasury Department softened new rules aimed at preventing multinational companies from shifting their profits offshore to lower-tax countries -- a response to sustained criticism from big business and from members of...

Too Many Energy Discussions Ignore Prices
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: Forbes - Far too often, articles about energy policy fail to mention prices. Not only do many renewable energy advocates ignore the question, but it sometimes seems as if prices for the output from large scale wind and solar...

Business Ethics In Islam
(Thursday - October 13, 2016)
Source: The Siasat Daily - As Muslims, we have to adhere to ethical standards, not only in business but also in all aspects of life. Both business and ethics are interrelated. There is a reference to this point in the Qur’an: “For you in the Messenger of...

Hurricane Sandy-level flooding is rising so sharply that it could become normal
(Tuesday - October 11, 2016)
Source: The Guardian - The frequency of floods of the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of New York City in 2012, is rising so sharply that they could become relatively normal, with a raft of new research laying bare the enormous...

Asset Managers, US Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds

U.S. Senator Warren urges Obama to replace head of SEC
(Friday - October 14, 2016)
Source: Reuters - U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren urged President Barack Obama on Friday to replace Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White, saying she had undermined the agency's investor protection mission.

Malaysia 1MDB Scandal: US Investigators Probing Businessman With Alleged White House Links, Report Says
(Friday - October 14, 2016) Associated Profiles : 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB, formerly known as Terengganu Investment Authority)
Source:  International Business Times - Federal officials are probing whether money allegedly misappropriated from scandal-hit Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was sent to a U.S. businessman who scheduled a visit...

How the pension thieves blame retirees for what the legislature did.
(Friday - October 14, 2016) Associated Profiles : State Employee’s Retirement System of Illinois (SERS)
Source: - Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan and then-Republican leader of the House Tom Cross conspired to create a two-tier pension in 2010. Mark Glennon is a vulture venture capitalist who spends his days...

Watching the Watchers

European Water Partnership
Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
Established: 2006

Strategic partners are BASF SE, Coca Cola Europe, and Women for Water Partnership. Organizations that collaborate on projects include Ferry Group and CEPI.


The European Water Partnership describes its goal in this way: “The ultimate goal of the EWP is to elaborate strategies and implement concrete actions to achieve the objectives of the Water Vision for Europe.” EWP is a nonprofit organization that also states, "The EWP mission is to initiate, support and enforce all actions and projects that will help to achieve the objectives of the Water Vision for Europe: Water for a sustainable Europe - our vision for 2030."


Sixteen founding partners established EWP in 2006. It grew out of other water-related programs: the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform and the European Regional Process.


European Water Partnership is a membership organization that has multiple membership categories: regular and corporate memberships, plus National Water Partnerships.

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October 19, 2016
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October 19, 2016
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Barclays and Per Scholas Partnership: Tech ...
October 19, 2016

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