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    Strategic Governance - Enabling Financial, Environmental, and Social Sustainability

    A new book by Hank Boerner and Mark Sickles of the Governance & Accountability Institute.  Click here for more information.

    Introduction to SustainabilityHQ™

    Introduction  to SustainabilityHQ™ -- this is Governance & Accountability Institute’s proprietary research and monitoring platform for following trends,  news, commentary, research and other critical information related to Sustainability and ESG factors (environmental & energy, social issues, corporate governance)  This platform is designed to the knowledge management headquarters for enterprise sustainability issues and topics. more SustainabilityHQ Introduction here.....

    ESG/Sustainability Players

    ESG Sustainability Highlights

    What led to Corpus Christi’s water crisis? Depends who you ask.
    (Tuesday - May 24, 2016)
    Source: Caller Times
    Zika Outbreak 2016: Virus Hits Debt-Stricken Puerto Rico Amid US Soccer Team Arrival
    (Monday - May 23, 2016)
    Source: International Business Times

    USA Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

    Sustainability Delivering Ever Faster Growth for Unilever
    (Tuesday - May 17, 2016)
    Source: Sustainable Brands
    Sappi’s 2015 Sustainability Report touts environmental stewardship, jobs
    (Monday - May 16, 2016)
    Source: Press Herald
    Timberland Announces Bold Sustainability Goals for 2020
    (Thursday - April 28, 2016)
    Source: Triple Pundit

    UK Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

    (Monday - October 05, 2015)
    Source: Allstate
    New World Resources Publishes GRI G3 Application Level A 2013 Sustainability Report
    (Thursday - November 20, 2014)
    Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center
    University of Wolverhampton Publishes Non-GRI 2013 Sustainability Report
    (Thursday - November 20, 2014)
    Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center

    Ireland Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

    Accenture Publishes GRI G3 Application Level B 2012–2013 Corporate Citizenship Report
    (Tuesday - September 09, 2014)
    Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center
    The Foundation for Investing in Communities Publishes GRI G4 in Accordance Core 2013 Sustainability Report
    (Monday - September 08, 2014)
    Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center
    ESB Publishes GRI G3.1 Application Level C+ 2013 Sustainability Report
    (Saturday - August 23, 2014)
    Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center

    Sustainability Update Recent Post

    Sustainability Update11
    Investors Really Do Care About Sustainability – There’s a Gap Between Them and Corporate Executives
    23. May 2016 Corporate Responsibility
    Corporate CEOs, CFOs and others in the C-suite typically ask, “do investors really care about corporate sustainability…or is it a fad, a PR thing?”  MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) set out to explore that question.  The answer … Continue reading
    Will We See Mandated Corporate Reporting on ESG / Sustainability Issues in the USA?
    13. May 2016 Climate Change
    by Hank Boerner – Chairman – G&A Institute Maybe…U.S. Companies Will Be Required…or Strongly Advised… to Disclose ESG Data & Related Business Information Big changes in mandated US corporate disclosure and reporting on ESG factors may be just over the … Continue reading
    GRI and RobecoSAM Look at “What Matters” to Investors and Companies in Sustainability Reporting
    12. May 2016 Business Case
    As the dialogue between company and investor base increasingly focuses on the materiality of corporate information, and the call for greater transparency – “what matters” to both corporate board and C-suite and the institutional investor base? The mandated reporting on financial … Continue reading

    What People are Saying

    "Our good friend Hank Boerner at Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc., has launched INSIGHTS-edge (now SustainabilityHQTM) ,an essential data platform for investor-relations officers, boards of directors and treasury departments in this brave new world of accountability and sustainability. See Testimonials about SHQ here.....

    Asset Managers

    Asset MGR Highlights

    Is socially-responsible investing right for you?
    (Monday - May 23, 2016)
    Source: Money Rates
    Eurozone Survey Points to Faltering Economic Growth in May
    (Monday - May 23, 2016)
    Source: NY Times

    Sovereign Wealth Fund Highlights

    United States Public Pension Fund Highlights


    Governance & Accountability Institute is a monitoring, intelligence-gathering and knowledge management center operating at the intersection of powerful forces reshaping relationships between stockholders and stakeholders, and the public corporation. The key players transforming the markets and interacting with corporate management and boards include fund owners and asset managers and their third party advisors-in sovereign wealth funds,socially responsible investment organizations, activist hedge funds, public pension funds, labor union funds, private equity firms, investment banks...and more.

    G&A identifies key players, monitors their activities, conducts research, charts the players's influence on capital markets and companies, and provides news and intelligence through G&As "SustainabilityHQTM" advisory services. SustainabilityHQTM resources at the intersections of powerful capital markets players--and the public and private companies they invest in.