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Below you will find a sample of what is available for subscribers of the SustainabilityHQTM system.  We have made available to you: 1.)  Three of the most recent Asset Owners / Asset Managers Highlighted News items, 2.)  A sample profile of one organization which is profiled inside our subscription site, 3.)  A sampling of our powerful SWF News Dashboard system.  Note that Asset Owners & Asset Managers are profiled as well in other relevant content silos (such as ESG Researchers).

Sample Profile

SAM Group

Sustainable Asset Management – Switzerland – the world’s first sustainable asset management company for sustainability investment.  Creators / managers of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

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The sample provided is an asset managers… while you may not know the name of this organization, you certainly know some of its work.  SAM Group is a partner with Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and the company’s reach and influence is widespread in the areas of sustainable investment.

SAM Group ranks among the leading global managers of sustainable investments and theme-based funds in such areas as: water, climate, clean energy.  SAM’s worldwide clientele such asset owners as banks, trust companies, insurers, pension funds, family offices, and high-wealth private investors.

SAM Group uses industry-specific criteria to assess economic, environmental and social aspects of investment, and proprietary methodology as well as its database of 1,000 companies. In addition to the investments managed, SAM Group has drawn worldwide attention for its partner role in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

The organization is based in Zurich with presence in Australia, the United States and Canada.  The USA and Australia offices serve as contact points for institutional and private investors (asset owners). 

Special positioning:  SAM Group sees itself as a pioneer in sustainable investing and noted in 2008 its positioning:  “…the surging interest in investment solutions that address problems associated with global warming, the need for alternative energy sources, and heightened resource efficiency, as well as the scarcity of natural resources such as water and foodstuffs…”  In these areas, SAM Group is recognized by investors as one of the major players for asset owners and managers.                                          

Sample Asset Managers Highlighted News

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